The Slow Movement


A movement that started out with food and ended up touching millions

It all began when in 1986, Carlo Petrini founded Slow Food to counteract fast food and fast life. The idea quickly grew into an international movement, reflecting an overwhelming desire for a cultural shift toward slowing down life’s pace.

This sparked off the beginnings of a broader Slow Movement, which has now evolved into Slow Travel, Slow Cities, Slow Companies, Slow Design and Slow Parenting.

Overall, there is a global desire from an increasing number of busy families and individuals to bring “slow” back into their lives in order to reconnect with themselves, their families and the world          that we live in.

Going slow is not about doing everything slow it is simply a gentle (yet firm!!!) reminder to all of us that:

  1. We need to stop rushing through life so fast that we loose track of ourselves, our own values and what makes common sense. We need to reunite with that inner voice that used to guide us – because without it we tend to make really shitty decisions – both as individuals, parents, entrepreneurs and politicians.
  2. We need to stop applying the same turbo-speed to everything that we do.  Certain things are not meant to be rushed (such as raising a child or cooking a nice meal) so we need to get back to doing things at the right speed – and learn to slow down when life really matters.
  3. We need to stop doing everything at once – constantly multitasking – and instead become more present and mindful, focusing on the now and whatever we have in front of us. Skimming through life on the surface brings very little meaning and leaves us feeling empty and without a purpose. So go slow and dive in!
  4. We need to slow down and find the energy to get involved with the world that we live in. In today’s pressed-for-time society we barely have the time to get involved with our own lives let alone the neighbor’s. But there are real problems that need to be dealt with and we must all find the time to pitch in.

Carl HonoréCarl Honore, author of the international best-selling book, “In Praise of Slowness” that has been translated into over 30 languages, has recognized the importance of Slow brilliantly: Today we are addicted to speed, to cramming more and more into every minute. Every moment of the day feels like a race against the clock, a dash to a finish line that we never seem to reach. This roadrunner culture is taking a toll on everything from our health, diet and work to our communities, relationships and the environment.”

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