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We, as parents in the 21st century, have been presented with a historic opportunity. A gift that, if we decide to accept it, will change the world we live in forever.

Think about it! No generation before us has ever had the combined knowledge we possess today. No generation before us has ever had the combined insights we are blessed with today. And no generation before us has ever been willing to put so much focus and attention on their children as we do.

Two cute boys laying on ground in nature and happily eating healSo, if we were to join forces, we, more than any other generation before us, would stand a chance of raising a brand new, happy, conscious, and empowered generation of global citizens.

This will be a generation that will lead from their hearts, guided by their intuition, empowered by self-esteem. A generation that has faith that they themselves can create exactly the kind of life they want to live.

A generation that will not only demand, but rely upon, the fact that their voice will be heard and accounted for. A generation that, driven by their passion, will start, or work for, companies that will not only do well but do good. Happy, insightful young people who will grow up and make something amazing out of their lives and the world they live it!

We can make this happen! Our generation! We can make this happen. We have been given a historic opportunity to turn things around.

But here is the sad news! We are about to lose out on this opportunity because we are too busy to notice, too scared to face it, and too skeptical to believe it! I used to be one of these people!

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Hands on iPadGrowing up in a fast-paced, globalized, high-tech world is totally different from the time we grew up in. Raising children in the 21st century is something else, something new. We are entering a new paradigm where parents are no longer the authority, the educational system is being revolutionized, and core values such as faith, family, health and common sense are being redefined while we are at work.

This new paradigm calls for a new mindset, new questions, and new techniques. But I didn’t possess that.

Trine-Grönlund-på-festivalkrysset-cutI, like every other parent, want my kids to grow up happy and confident and ready to conquer the world. But I also want to give them something special that will set them apart from my own generation; a mindset that is more global, a belief system that is more spiritual, and a point of view that is more holistic. I want to give them a confidence that goes deeper and beyond, but I had no clue how to give them this.

But today I do. And that is what the ”Go Slow Initiative” is all about. Sharing that knowledge with you so that together we can raise a brand new generation of happy, conscious and empowered global citizens!

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