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Through our awesome initiatives, with like-minded people from around the world, we intend to fight “TIME” poverty in the Western world and bring “slow” back to pressed-for-time, modern families, individuals and workplaces.

The “Go Slow” initiative is about empowering smart, enthusiastic people like yourself – so that you in turn can empower the world. Growing up in a fast-paced, globalized, high-tech world is totally different from the time we grew up in. This new paradigm calls for a new mindset, new questions, new techniques – all of which we intend to give you.

Through the “Go Slow” initiative we hope to remind, inspire and motivate busy parents and individuals, around the world, that the change we are all so desperately looking for lies only in the simple act of shifting our mindset!

No, you are right! We can’t slow down the world. After all we live in a fast paced 21st century and there is very little we can do about that. But what we can do is slow down our minds. We have the empowering choice AND the liberating ability to slow down our minds and set our own pace in life. And that’s exactly what going slow is all about.

If YOU would like a richer, deeper and more extraordinary life, career, family, world… then join the “Go Slow” initiative and we will:

We sincerely hope you chose to join us!


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Trine-vid-träd-cutHi there! My name is Trine, and I am a  Scandinavian mother of two wonderful children. For over 12 long years, I worked in the internet and advertising industry in one of the “fastest-moving” places in the word: New York City. I loved every moment…until I woke up one day with that famous “bump in my forehead.” You know, the one you get when you run so fast you suddenly burn out and “hit the wall.”

Years of self-examination and putting my career on hold for at least 48 hours (okay, maybe a tiny bit more than that…) helped me get back on track and make me a wiser and more conscious human being. But I was well aware that I needed to find a way to maintain my new and improved lifestyle. So I explored a bunch of different techniques and philosophies but none of them really stuck for the simple reason that I never seemed to be able to find the time to practice them in my everyday hectic life.

I started to wonder: could it be that in order for us to change we must first learn to slow down? Is it in fact impossible to create change while running through life 150 miles per hour? I started to do some research and stumbled upon the concept of the “slow” movement. From the minute I read about Carl Honoré’s book: “In praise of slow” I was totally hooked! Going slow simply made so much ZENse to an overambitious, pressed-for-time, chick-in-charge like me!

Flommen bron

So does that mean I quit my job in order to go slow all day long? Are you kidding! That would drive me nuts in less than a week. Besides, that would be missing the point. Instead I’ve successfully founded my own company. I’m an established speaker, MC and show host. I’m a member of the board of directors for several companies. I hang out with my kids. I find time for friends and family. I get involved in my community and the world that I live in…but I do it all while applying SLOW:

In doing so I’ve been able to keep up with my at times very ambitious lifestyle without feeling the stress and time pressure I used to feel! I hope from the bottom of my heart that you would like to join us in our quest to fight TIME-poverty in the Western world and bring “slow” back to pressed for time modern families, individuals and workplaces.


About Going Slow

About Trine




It took me quite some time to recover from my burnout during the IT-bubble, but when I finally did I felt a tremendous need to share my experiences with my friends, colleagues, clients… who were all heading down the same road as I.

So I started to rent some really cool bars around New York City and transformed them into “Summer Camps”. I then invited all of my friends to what I called ”Confessions from a workaholic around the campfire” – and right there, in the shadow of the IT-bubble’s exhaustion, gathered around the fake campfire my husband had built for us, we laughed, cried and brainstormed our way to a new ambitious, yet balanced life style.

15 years later, I founded the “GO SLOW” initiative in an attempt to digitally recreate that magic feeling around the campfire. / Trine Grönlund