Go Slow Family – Online Course


  • A 9 part video series course that helps you bring “SLOW” back to your family in order to raise happier, more conscious and empowered children…and become a more present and intuitive parent.
  • Proven transformative parenting practices in bite-sized videos tailor made for parents on the run – available on your computer, mobile or tablet.
  • Packed with collected wisdom of Scandinavia’s finest minds within the field of parenting and successful busy parents.
  • Based on the international SLOW movement that has taken the world by storm and helped millions of people increase the happiness in their lives.



How to mentally slow down to become a happy, conscious, and more present, parent

Let’s face it. As busy parents, we see it and experience it everyday.

We get up in the morning, kiss our kids goodbye, and then get on with our hectic lives: making a career, building businesses, networking, socializing, exercising, fulfilling dreams, changing the world…

Then, before we know it, another week has passed us by. Time has magically (regrettably?) flown by without us having had a chance to really be there for our children.

The intention was to:

  • drop everything and really listen whenever they had something to share with us.
  • ask them to turn off the computer and sit close to them.
  • help them with their homework and cook them nutritious meals.
  • kiss them goodnight after having heard their stories about their day.

But somehow, our busy schedules just didn’t allow the time to fulfill those dreams…this week either.

Sounds familiar?

This is one of the symptoms plaguing parents like us who are raising our kids in a fast-paced, globalized, high tech 21st century, where it seems like “faster is always better.”

In a world moving so fast, it’s becoming harder for us parents to connect with our own inner voice – we seem to have lost track of ourselves, our values and the stuff that really matter to us.

So what exactly can you do to stop feeling like you’re rushing through parenthood in an already packed 24-hour day?

Thankfully, there’s an answer! And it’s about the simple act of bringing “slow” back into our lives.


Family-in-grass-smalIs this workshop for you?

  • Do you want to look back on parenthood with no regrets, knowing that you:
    • took the time to really enjoy it?
    • embraced every opportunity to be with your children?
    • were around when it really mattered?
  • Would you like to learn how to master the “slow parenting” skills, which will help you raise:
    • happy and empowered children with a strong connection to their inner voice.
    • confident children, with high self esteem, who will grow up and do amazing things with their lives.
    • well-informed, globally and environmentally conscious children who thrive in a fast-paced, globalized, high tech 21st century.
  • Are you a parent who benefit from Go Slow?
    • Parents who wish to empower their children aged 6-18 with tools that will help them thrive joyfully in a fast paced 21st century.
    • Conscious loving parents who see themselves as part of a global world, in need of modern tools and flexible techniques to raise the next generation of happy, conscious and empowered world citizens that this world so desperately needs.

Parents who can’t afford to give up on or doesn’t want to let go of the busy career or lifestyle they’ve worked hard to achieve, BUT still wishes to “slow down” when life really matters and raise happier children!


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Order today! You’ve got nothing to lose!

100% Money Back Guarantee!

30-DAY-2.originalGo Slow Family has made a huge difference in my life and my relationship with my children. I have also seen it transform hundreds of other families, and I am confident that it will increase the happiness and unity of your family too.

However, I know that some of you may be hesitant, scared, or skeptical that this will work for you. And I want nothing more than to give you the chance to try it – risk free. That’s why I’m offering you a 30-day money back guarantee.

So here’s the deal. You can try it for 30 days, risk-free. If, after trying all the proven techniques and Go Slow tools, you still aren’t totally satisfied, or if you don’t feel it’s quite a fit for you, then simply write to us and I’ll happily give you a full refund. /Trine


ORDER NOW AND GET ALL THIS!You-get-all-this-Go-Slow-cut

  • VIDEO: The transforming online video workshop GO SLOW! Family

Instant access to Trine and her friends workshop about Going Slow on your kids and the world we pass on to them. Watch the workshop from any computer, mobile or tablet, as often as you like, whenever you like.

  • AUDIO: Easy to download audiofile!

Listen to this workshop from your mp3 player or smartphone. Go for a walk or lean back and let Jespers encouraging words inspire you.

  • E-BOOK: Easy to follow e-book!

Download the nicely designed transcript of the workshop – easy overview and structure.

  • INSPIRATION CARDS: The most encouraging quotes ready to print!

10 of the experts most encouraging quotes have been placed on nicely designed, easy to download, inspiration cards. A great daily reminder to remain on track!

PRICE: 28 EUR (249 SEK / 39 USD)


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