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If you feel like you are being dragged through your own life without having much of a say in it then perhaps it is time for a private ”Go Slow” session together with Trine.  Sit down and relax for a moment and give yourself the opportunity to take a look at your life from a broader perspective. Be it to discuss your private life or your business, a dream or an actual happening, business development or start-up – Trine seems to be able to un-clutter your life and slowly but surely lead you towards a clearer picture of what’s important to you, your business…and your family.



  • LIFE!
    • Work/life balance, the urge to slow down, stress, I think I’m a workaholic, the tendency to be a ”pleaser”, ambition management…
  • TIME!
    • Never enough time for the things that matters, constantly saying yes when I want to say no, filling my calendar with other people’s agenda, a feeling of lost control over my own time, the desire to set my own pace in life…
    • What do I really want out of my life, what am I good at, what would make me happy, what will it take, fear of change, first step…
    • I would love to start my own business, I need to take my existing business to the next level, what kind of business model should I apply, I’ve been working on a concept…
    • Online marketing strategies, social media, positioning, brand building, packaging, webTV production…
    • I feel like I have an important message to the world, I want to break though the clutter, I want to write a book, lecture, start a homepage, produce an online video course, get PR, find clients, live off my passion…



  • Tea-with-Trine21 hour of complete focus on you, your thoughts and your needs
  • A kind, present and engaging conversation in fluent Swedish, Danish or English
  • Tons of energy, encouragement, tough questions, straight forward observations – all of which will transform you and lead you forward
  • Tools and concrete action steps you can apply to your everyday life…today!
  • All of Trine’s experience from
    • 12 years of working within the advertising and IT business in New York,
    • having run her own webTV publishing house for the past 5 years (in Sweden),
    • being an established and trusted speaker, MC and webTV host – having lectured at various venues around the world and hosted several webTV shows over the years.
    • being a member of the board of directors for several companies, a mentor, a visionary, a mother, an ambitious chich-in-charge…
    • her life journey – moving from being an over achieving workaholic in New York City to a happy and balanced business owner and slow activist in Sweden!

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In preparation for your session Trine will send you a questionnaire that she would like for you to fill out in order to get the most out of your session. If time does not allow for this or if the thought of answering these questions stresses you out (yes, we totally know the feeling …unfortunately) then it is absolutely fine to do your session without it.



“Trine is a wonderful person full of positive energy and great problem solver. She analized my business in a very clever way, and asked a lot of smart questions. She gave me a clear direction for my business and a lot of creative ideas. You get the impression that she really loves what she is doing and you get smitten by her postivie wibe”. Charlotte Raboff, VD www.newyorkinspiration.com

“Mycket tacksam för den professionella hjälp jag fick av Trine Grönlund som på ett konkret och handfast sätt kunde se vad jag skulle lägga fokus på i mitt företag. Trine fick mig att se vad jag kunde skala bort och hur jag på ett smart sätt kunde paketera mina tjänster.Mycket värdefulla råd i ett skede då jag haPrattbubbla-(Tea-with-Trine)de svårt att se vilken väg jag skulle ta”. Jeanette Ohlsson, VD, Kulturlänk www.kulturlank.nu

“You are not only a warm and wise person but, also someone who genuinely cares about helping others. In addition, I very much appreciate your natural personality and your incredible business intellect.  I took away a lot of inspiration and positive energy from our meeting and will cherish the feeling for years to come. Hope to stay in touch as life continues to unfold for all of us.Thank you for everything”! Hina Hauck, Consultant/ Master’s student in Entrepreneurship

“Mötet med Trine gav mig en Ah-ha upplevelse på ett sätt som överträffade mina förväntningar. Att få berättelsen om min egen affärsverksamhet både ifrågasatt, bekräftad och förtydligad med Trines egna ord och goda avsikter gav mig en push vidare på den resa jag gör just nu”. Mats Uneland, VD, Why You Do It! http://www.whyoudoit.com/



  1. Send us an email with desired time you would like to hook up – a booking system is also in the making.
  2. A session cost 2500 SEK / 270 EURO / 303 USD and last for 60 minutes – an invoice will be sent out to you in conjunction with your booking.
  3. Hook up with Trine via the phone, chat or SKYPE. If you live in the South of Sweden you are also welcome to do your session in our office in Falsterbo or arrange for Trine to meet you in Malmoe or Lund.

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