Don't rush through quality moments with the kids!

LiseWe all know the feeling! Finishing up at work – Feeling guilty – Should have left earlier – No other kids left at daycare/school – Hi kids! (said with a tired exhausted look in your eyes) – Come on! Hurry up! – Get in the car. We need to go shopping on our way home…(you get the picture)

In the middle of this I soooo love the sight of my girldfriend Lise Vestergaard! When the rest of us are dropping off and picking up FAST she always seems to prioritize to do this SLOW! Everyday she (or her husband) shows up with a big smile, her cheeks a bit rosy from the bicycle ride. She always takes the time to let the kids get dressed without the feeling of being rushed. And then she takes them for a SLOW ride home in her charming bicycle cart – chatting/singing/relaxing!

stamina guide

Thanks Lise for being such a role model! I know you are just as busy as the rest of us so you have as many excuses as the rest of us to rush through this amazing quality moment with the kids! Only you chose not to! Thank you for that!




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