Legal is a website that is produced and owned by This Zentury AB.

1. General information

To create a user account, make purchases and use the services on the website ZenTV, the customer must accept the terms and conditions set out below. These terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) refer to the service that is offered by This Zentury AB on the ZenTV site (service). The service includes the customer’s account and the purchase of pay-per-views with supplementary products that also is defined as “Moments” or “Products”.

Conditions apply to and are part of This Zentury’s contract with the customer. The agreement between the customer and This Zentury AB, along with the general conditions, is hereinafter called “Agreement”. Agreements will not be made with anyone under the legal age of 18.

2. Use of service

The customer shall ensure that login details and password for the user account are kept confidential and that informations about logins and passwords are stored in such a way that another person can not access them. The customer shall immediately notify This Zentury if they change their contact information and if another person has gained access to their login and password. If it has come to This Zentury’s knowledge that someone other than the customer uses the service on ZenTV with the customer’s login information, the customer’s account will be terminated without notice, with no refund or compensation.

The Service provided on ZenTV to the customer is for private use only. The customer may not use the service in violation of law or this agreement. Violation of what has been mentioned in this agreement shall always be regarded as a fundamental breach of contract and entitle This Zentury AB to immediately terminate the Agreement and close the customer off from using the service, without refund or compensation. Violation of this clause may also lead to liability for the customer.

3. Price, payment and management of payment information
To gain access to our products, an account is required. Creating an account is free of charge. Product prices can be found in the relevant product page, and prices can be viewed in the following currencies, SEK, NOK, DKK, EUR and USD. VAT (25 %) is included in the price in SEK, DKK and EUR.

In additon to the payment for the services provided by This Zentury AB, the customer may be charged by his/her Internet Service Provider (ISP), this is to be handled between the customer and the ISP, outside the context of this agreement.

Payments on the ZenTV site is handled by PayEx Solutions AB, a leading supplier of online payment services within the Nordic region. PayEx Solutions stores information about the customer in PayEx Solution’s systems. This information will only be used to administer the service. Through PayEx ZenTV can offer several alternative payment methods such as the most common credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) and PayPal. Customers should note that additional conditions and fees might apply to the use of Visa or MasterCard. This Zentury does not provide information about contents of such terms.

When the purchase is complete we send an acknowledgment with general information about the purchase to the Customer via e-mail. On the customer’s account statement the purchase will be recorded as ZenTV.

4. Payment security

PayEx handles credit card payment with VISA and MasterCard, in accordance with security requirements of PCI DSS. All data received and sent from PayEx systems are protected with SSL, Secure Socket Layer, 128 bits. PayEx is one of the largest provider of payment solutions within the Nordic region, for more information

5. Return policy

This Zentury AB follows the Swedish Distance Contracts Act, which gives the user a 14 days cooling-off period. The cooling-off period starts the day the customer gets the purchase confirmation. The right of withdrawal expires when the use of the service has begun (streaming of the pay-per-view) with the consent of the customer during the withdrawal period. When the customer activates the service, the customer from that moment has no right of withdrawal.

6. Technical maintenance

This Zentury AB from time to time carry out maintenance and updates on the ZenTV Website to offer our customers the best quality, during which our service might be unavailable. This Zentury AB will schedule the maintenance during the least busy customer hours.

7. Bandwidth

The bandwidth can vary as you utilize our services. If the bandwidth gets too low, there may be distortion of the image or problems with the delivery of service. If problems with the service occurs the customer should contact their Internet provider. Before use of our service, the customer can test the bandwidth on their current Internet connection on or This Zentury AB emphasizes however that test result indicates only that the computer and Internet connection meet the technical conditions at the precise moment when the test is conducted. The test result is no guarantee that the computer and/or Internet connection will meet the technical requirements at a later time.

The minimum requirement on the Internet connection is 1Mbit/s.

8. This Zentury’s liability for errors and delays in delivery of service

This Zentury AB shall only be liable for errors or delays in delivering service on the ZenTV website which are due to situations within This Zentury’s control. This Zentury AB shall not be responsible for errors and delays due to customer’s inapropriate use of or failure of customer’s equipment (such as hardware, software or Internet service). This Zentury AB shall not be liable for any errors and delays due to power failures; errors and delays of ISP’s or circumstances beyond This Zentury’s control. In the event of a breach of contract, This Zentury AB reserves the right to immediately terminate the provision of its services to the customer, and shall not be required to refund any fees paid by said customer.
9. Refund policy

If the services on ZenTV are not available due to technical problems the customer can be compensated with free access to the relevant product when it becomes available. If the customer wishes to claim refund with free access they must make the claim in writing to This Zentury within 14 days from the time of the service unavailability. The claim must contain certain information such as: What product referred to, what time the error occurred (date and time), the customer’s Internet service provider, the customer’s address, a detailed explanation of the error/or delay and the receipt of payment.

10. Amendment of the General Terms, the Service, Content and Transfer of Agreement

This Zentury reserves the right at any time to amend the General Terms, the service and / or content on ZenTV. Notice of such substantial changes will be submitted via e-mail or published ZenTV’s website. Consequently, customers are advised to regularly update themselves on the ZenTV Website. Should a customer consider such amendment to be detrimental, said customer may terminate and withdraw from the agreement from the date the amendment enters into effect and may be compensated for any outstanding value on the ZenTV website. This Zentury AB has the right to transfer its rights and obligations under the agreement to another party.
11. Dispute

Swedish law shall apply to this Agreement. Disputes regarding the interpretation or application of this Agreement shall primarily be settled by confidential discussions between the parties. If it is not possible, the dispute may be settled by the Swedish Board for Consumer Complaints.

12. Cookies

Like most websites ZenTV uses Cookies to remember the customers login to enable a more personal experience. This means that the customer does not need to fill in their details each time they visit the website ZenTV.  A Cookie is a text file that is stored on the customers computer by their web browser so the website can remember the customer. A Cookie cannot be used to identify a person. Cookies are necessary in order to use This Zentury’s services and must be enabled on the browser for the website to work properly.

13. Privacy policy

When a customer registers an account on the ZenTV website, he/she thereby consent to the collection of personal data. This Zentury may use the personal information for the processing of the customers orders, and the details will be used to manage the customers account. This Zentury will never sell or offer its database with registered customers to a third party. This Zentury AB may use the customers personal information to offer a more personalised shopping experience from their products. The customer signs up for the newsletter according to PUL (personuppgiftslagen), the Swedish Privacy Act. Subscribers have to add themselves to the list, This Zentury AB cannot add a subscriber/customer. The subscriber can whenever he/she wishes unsubscribe from the newsletter.


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