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Conscious capitalism rules!

The other day I was in a meeting with a bunch of passionate entrepreneurs in Malmoe (Sweden) and at one point one of them said: “I truly believe that entrepreneurship is the beginning to all good in this world”…it sounded so sincere and after having thought about it I actually agreed. There is soooo much (more!!!) we aspiring leaders and business builders can accomplish —for the good of both business and society as a whole.

Slow the World

We, as parents in the 21st century, have been presented with a historic opportunity. A gift that, if we decide to accept it, will change the world we live in forever.

Think about it! No generation before us has ever had the combined knowledge we possess today. No generation before us has ever had the combined insights we are blessed with today. And no generation before us has ever been willing to put so much focus and attention on their children as we do.



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