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OUR-STORY-utan-textBeing a globalized, busy parent is no stranger to Trine. Born in Denmark, raised in Sweden Trine’s busy career includes years of working experience across Sweden, Denmark, Germany, England, France, Australia and USA.

“For over 12 long years, I worked in the internet and advertising industry in one of the “fastest-moving” places in the word: New York City. I loved every moment… until I woke up one day with that famous “bump in my forehead”. You know, the one you get when you run so fast through life that you suddenly burn out and “hit the wall”. Years of self-examination and putting my career on hold for at least 48 hours (okay, maybe a tiny bit more than that…) helped me get back on track and straighten out my priorities”.

Later on when the IT bubble burst and the tragedy of September 11 put a stop on the US economy, Trine sold everything she owned during a yard sale to pay off her bills and moved her family back, empty handed, to Sweden. There she slowly but surely (with a great amount of detours) started fulfilling her dreams of bringing some ZENse into this world.

Today, she is the successful founder and CEO of ZenTV – a cutting edge publishing house within the field of personal empowerment. She lives on the beach in the South of Sweden
 with her husband and her 2 sons, Felix (13) and Viggo (7). She is a member of the board of directors for several companies. She constantly thinks outside the box and does everything with 100% passion.

When she is not found going slow outdoors with her family, rumor has it that she will drive, fly, or hitchhike her way to Prince concerts around the world… despite the fact that all of her friends got over him years ago.


Trine-sitter-frilagdMY COMMITMENT TO YOU

Please join me in bringing some ZENse into this world!

As a busy parent and entrepreneur, I passionately want to bring some common zense into this world – and I want to do so by working and connecting with likeminded awesome people across borders, media platforms and industries.

On behalf of all of you high-performing-pressed-for-time-parents and individuals out there who are trying to raise happy children in a fast-paced, high-tech 21st century, while maintaining an ambitious career, I will travel the world to find the people who can inspire us all to do really amazing things with our lives and the world that we live in. The Go Slow initiative is one way of sharing with you all what I’ve found out so far!


Trine-Grönlund-på-festivalkrysset-cutA WELL KNOWN ESTABLISHED SPEAKER, MC AND WEBTV HOST

Trine is an established and trusted speaker, MC and webTV host. She has lectured at various venues around the world and has hosted several webTV shows over the years. She speaks fluent Swedish, Danish and English.

Her main areas of passion and expertise:




It took me quite some time to recover from my burnout during the IT-bubble, but when I finally did I felt a tremendous need to share my experiences with my friends, colleagues, clients… who were all heading down the same road as I.

So I started to rent some really cool bars around New York City and transformed them into “Summer Camps”. I then invited all of my friends to what I called ”Confessions from a workaholic around the campfire” – and right there, in the shadow of the IT-bubble’s exhaustion, gathered around the fake campfire my husband had built for us, we laughed, cried and brainstormed our way to a new ambitious, yet balanced life style.

15 years later I founded the “GO SLOW” initiative in an attempt to digitally recreate that magic feeling around the campfire. / Trine Grönlund



Trine som föreläsare och moderator (Swedish)

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